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Yet again the award goes to Peter Jones, the libelous & unpleasant campaigner from North London who’s part of the supposed ‘Pan-Camden Alliance’

The recent announcement of Hs2 Ltd’s plans for Euston have had him spinning like a top. Since then he’s tweeted even more reams of nonsense & all sorts of daft claims. Unfortunately, what he’d failed to notice was that the Alliance hadn’t paid the bill for their website, so it had been taken down by the provider! To be fair,the Alliance is pretty much a one man & his dog operation, and – as the dog hasn’t got a credit card…

Pan Camden

Needless to say, twitter was soon full of jokes at Jones’ expense. Here’s some of the best;

duck jokes

Even more crazy than his usual claims was this one claiming Sadiq Khan, the newly anointed Labour Candidate for London Mayor, somehow opposes Hs2.


Once again, Twitter soon exposed his rubbish with one person digging out one of Khan’s own tweets!


Just in case there’s any doubt remaining, here’s a speech Khan made when a Government Transport Minister back in 2010;

Khan also voted FOR the Hs2 Hybrid Bill in April 2014.

Now he’s a Mayoral hopeful Khan may try & play both sides until after the London election (like Boris Johnson has in the past) but one thing’s clear. He won’t volte-face to oppose a scheme that offers so much to London and the Labour heartlands in the North.