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Just as they were sobering up & realising last week’s furore over Network Rail wouldn’t stop Hs2 the anti campaign’s been dealt yet another blow by the Davies commission recommending building a third runway at Heathrow. This has exposed that for many hs2 antis, green issues were merely a figleaf to hide their nimbyism. After all, how can they oppose Hs2 on green grounds yet support building a 3.5km runway with all the associated pollution that will cause?

The truth is, many of those Chiltern Nimbys welcome Heathrow expansion. For them the airports only a short drive down the M40 in a ‘Chelsea tractor’ and they won’t have to put up with the noise, pollution & inconvenience.

So, can we expect the Hs2 anti’s to turn their fire on Heathrow, using the same ‘green’ arguments they trot out against Hs2 to condemn the environmental damage it will cause, or question why we need a 3rd runway if all the planes aren’t full? The immortal words of Jim Royle spring to mind…