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Well, not so much crazy as an outrageous liar really. Meet ‘Outoftweet123’;

Out of tweet

Yes, like most of his ilk, he prefers anonymity. He claims that Trans-Pennine electrification has been ‘scrapped’ to pay for Hs2 & uses a MEN article as ‘proof’. Here’s a link to the MEN article. Note that it doesn’t claim the work is cancelled, merely delayed. How anyone can claim its been ‘cancelled’ & expect anyone with even half a brain to fall for it is beyond me but the anti Hs2 mobs media campaign is increasingly losing the plot as more & more folk are seeing the light & abandoning them. All they have left is the serial ranters & ravers which only damages their credibility even further.

Needless to say, this abject nonsense gets retweeted by some of their other anonymous fruitloops (although there is one person in the list who really should know better).

Will any of this Stop Hs2? Of course not. But it does provide more evidence of how far out of touch with reality their campaign has become. If they had a theme tune, perhaps it should be this..

And yes – the muppets do seem very appropriate!

2023 Update.

Like most anti HS2 tweets, this one really hasn’t aged well. In 2023 the Trans-Pennine route upgrade (TRU) is in full-swing. Now (3rd April) work to upgrade and electrify the route at Stalybridge is in its last few days after a long blockade. Meanwhile, work continues on the line from Huddersfield to Leeds with work compounds established and even whole stations being moved (such as the one at Morley). Cancelled my arse!

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