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Today the anti Hs2 campaign finishes its electoral campaign not with a bang but a whimper.

What’s been remarkable is how low key their campaign has been. Admittedly, both StopHs2 and Hs2aa are skint due to a shortage of donors & having blown all their money on futile court cases so a big poster or mainstream media campaign was out of the question. The only way they could try & make a fuss was on social media but even that’s been quiet. If it wasn’t for UKIP supporters desperately trying to keep the issue alive in the vain hope of grabbing some votes there’s be bugger all going on. Remember, there’s meant to be THREE main groups opposing Hs2. The presence of one (AGHAST) has been so off the radar it’s positively subterranean! Their Campaigns Manager, Deanne Dukhan (@DuKhanD)has tweeted a grand total of twice this month & only a handful of times during the entire campaign. No-one else from AGHAST has even bothered. Mind you, up to the start of the election their campaign website was STILL advertising a petition that closed in 2012 so it’s not really a surprise.

Contrast this with the antis fantasy claims of a million people ‘blighted’ by Hs2, or that the majority of the UK opposes the project & you really do have to wonder what planet they’re living on. Whatever it is – it obviously doesn’t have access to Facebook, Twitter or the letters pages of UK newspapers!

Poor Hs2aa have tried to pretend they’re still an influence by recycling the same old lies, like the £138bn ‘cost’ of Hs2 I exposed here

Their latest wheeze is a ‘thunderclap’. Here’s the explanation from their website.


What’s laughable about this is the fact they never learn. Last year the anti Hs2 campaign tried what’s known as a ‘Twitterstorm’. The idea was that if enough people tweet about Hs2 the hashtag would ‘trend’ – showing their influence & how many folks were opposed. The result was nothing short of total embarrassment. Less than 100 folks tweeted. All it demonstrated was how few real people supported them. They’ve never tried it since. Until now…

Here’s their results so far.


Embarrassing, isn’t it? Remember this is a campaign that claims to represent the views of millions of people & that Hs2 is such an important issue it could seriously influence the result of the election. These ridiculous claims will be laid bare on Friday – and I’ll let you know how their ‘thunderclap’ goes as I doubt anyone will hear it otherwise!

In the meantime, I’ll be staying up to watch the election results tonight. I’m looking forward to one or two ‘popcorn moments’ – especially the one from Thanet South. I’ll be taking time to Tweet & run this blog until tiredness or boredom sets in.