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Over the years I’ve supported the Hs2 project I’ve seen first hand the nasty underbelly of the anti Hs2 campaign. It’s not just the way they’ve deliberately tried to mislead the public about the project, or the fact some of them will tell the most outrageous lies. It’s that some will stoop to far, far worse – downright thuggery & blatant attempts at intimidation.

Personally,I’ve been on the receiving end of many different attempts to frighten me off supporting Hs2 & exposing their campaign. There’s been mild stuff like trying to get me banned from Twitter, then there’s been more serious stuff like accusations of criminality (such as pedophilia). Several times I’ve received threatening phone calls. I’ve even been physically threatened by a member of the Mid-Cheshire anti Hs2 campaign.

Of course, I’m not alone. Many others have suffered from similar threats – including racism.

What’s telling is the way members of their campaign are quick to accuse others of all sorts of behavior but are happy to turn a blind eye to the extremists within their own ranks. Of course, most of the cowards who indulge in such behaviour hide their own identity. Here’s an example from Twitter, published yesterday. This person has a history of trying to intimidate, having published my personal details on social media before:


I have one very simple message for these people. It won’t work.