Snow joke…

When I came back from India earlier this week I thought that I’d seen the back of the snow and freezing weather that made my journey down to London so difficult before I flew out. After basking in temperatures in the 30-40’s I was really looking forward to the arrival of spring in the UK, and for the first few days it felt like it had. Gardens were waking up from the winter, snowdrops and crocus’s abounded and the first daffodils were venturing forth.

That all changed today. This morning I woke up and flung open the curtains to find the rooftops already dusted with snow and the thermometer resolutely heading towards zero. To add to the chill, the wind was whipping the snow around in flurries. It was delightfully picturesque but not what I needed!

The weather’s continued in the same vein, with the added attraction of the brief sighting of blue skies and sunshine in between the snow showers, leaving us playing ‘now you see me, now you don’t’ with the opposite side of the Calder Valley all day. Here’s how things looked from our bedroom window in the last hour.


Tomorrow’s forecast claims the weather will pick up. Sadly, there’s no blue skies predicted but I may get chance to nip out with the camera for an hour or twoWatch this space…